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Recognized by:

Authorized by:

(Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining)
to operate under
Executive Decree 15.657 – Shipyard Law


At Electromarítima Uruguaya our goal is to become increasingly renowned, both locally and internationally, by the quality of our products and the level of our services. We are guided by the following principles: we understand the significance of our work, we are effective, and we comply with required deadlines.

Our vision is to become a leading provider of sales, installation, repair and inspection solutions for marine, industrial and communications equipment, serving all market needs.

In order to establish a long lasting and mutually beneficial business relationship with our customers:

  1. We commit to the ongoing improvement of our quality system
  2. We aim to constantly improve coordination and interaction among the different departments in our company (Management, Sales, and Technical)
  3. Our staff is highly experienced. We promote teamwork and individual development.
  4. We invest in new technology and have the infrastructure necessary to raise the quality of our service.
  5. We periodically train our staff to ensure that we are up-to-date with new available technologies.
  6. We see our providers as associates in our effort to reach together the desired level of quality.
  7. We abide by our code of conduct, and act in accordance with our business ethics and responsibility.
  8. We take a preventive approach to environmental protection.
Every year we develop preventive safety measures for our employees in our workshop and in the harbor. 

Certified by:


We observe our code of conduct in all areas of our business: information technology, electronics, inspections and management.

  1. Our information technology department handles all customer information in a strictly confidential manner. Our business is based on our clients’ trust. We are backed by 26 years of experience in this market and region, without a record of adverse or negative actions.
  2. All information that our staff may access during inspections is highly guarded and protected, following the guidelines prescribed by Classification Societies.
  3. In general, our staff strives to expand their knowledge on a daily basis, and to remain experts in their field, using their experience to work responsibly and to protect what has been entrusted to them by our customers.

We have a policy of environmental protection and care. We dispose of contaminating products in the indicated areas as prescribed by competent authorities.