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Recognized by:

Authorized by:

(Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining)
to operate under
Executive Decree 15.657 – Shipyard Law

Certified by:

Marine electronics (sales, installation and service) including:
Navigation equipment, GPS, DGPS, Plotters.
Detection equipment, echo sounders, radars, sonars.
Communications in the areas of radio communications, HF, VHF, UHF.
Satellites in Inmarsat and Iridium.
GMDSS Safety System
Emergency Safety System (EPIRB and radar transponder).
Automatic Identification System (AIS).
Bridge and engine room electronic control system.
Orientation and steering system with autopilot and gyrocompass.
Monitoring and surveillance system with security and control cameras.
Automatic tide gauges and current meters.
Voyage data recording system (VDR / SVDR).
Net monitoring system.
Radio buoys system with GPS.


Sales, installation and repairs of computer-assisted and computer-controlled marine systems.
Navigation programs with or without cartography (Transas, MaxSea, Nobeltec, Sodena, etc.) 
Data transmission among different equipment:
Local area networks.
Inmarsat C, M, B.
Fleet 33/55/77

Street and route signaling using control devises and traffic signals (controllers)

Radio safety inspections in accordance with the SOLAS Regulations, IMO Performance Standards, and the by-laws of the Classification Societies that we are endorsed by.
Expert inspection of installation and operation of communication systems, marine radio safety systems and navigation aid systems.
Technical application and interpretation of applicable laws, international agreements and regulations that govern national and international communication systems.
Certification and inspection of VDR/SVDR systems according to ISM International Assessment Requirements.