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We are the exclusive representatives of GEONICA, we have experience in the sale, installation, and maintenance of GEONICA equipment for more than 5 years.

We have taken part in training sessions and update workshops both in Spain and in Uruguay.

GEONICA provides turnkey solutions to all needs in connection with Earth Science: Meteorology, Hydrology, Port and Coastal Oceanography; Surveillance of the Environment and Water Quality as well as for diverse applications in the Industry, based on a complete and advanced line of Measurement Devices, Sensors, Remote Data Acquisition and Transmission Units.

Geonica´s guarantee system provides constant monitoring of the installed equipment from its offices in Spain, having then an additional control of data obtained.

Our Projects

Montevideo Port project – Completed.

Isla de Flores project – Completed.

La Paloma Port project – In progress.

Next project: Puerto Nueva Palmira.

Isla de Flores Project

Associated to the tide gauge installation project. A DGPS is installed in the lighthouse (Leica).

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