Ingeniería Naval, Industrial y Comunicaciones


the beginning

Electromarítima is an engineering company founded in 1980, specialized in the sale, installation, repair, and inspection services for naval, industrial, and communication equipment. 

It was born out of the association of two engineers who had a common dream: the establishment of a company rendering electronic technical service to ships arriving at our ports. 

Such persons, Engineer Carlos A. Lualdi and Engineer Juan G. Silva Retamoso were already experienced in the field. 

Little by little and thanks to the joint effort of both, the company increasingly grew and recruited the necessary technical and administrative staff so as to be able to cope with the requests they received on a daily basis.


It is currently representative of large Japanese, Norwegian, U.S., and Korean companies. 

It is accredited by the International Association of Classification such as  ABS (American Bureau of Shipping), Bureau Veritas (France), Det Norske Veritas (Norway), Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (Russia), RINA (Italy), ClassNK (Japan), Germanisher Lloyds (Germany), Lloyd´s Register (England) and MCA (England), and is endorsed by them.

We are the first and only Uruguayan company in the industry to have obtained the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System Certification, which evidences our permanent urge to excel in quality and client satisfaction.

We have high-precision instrumentation, appropriate for high-level repairs and adjustments.

We usually perform services throughout MERCOSUR: in Uruguayan ports (Montevideo, Nueva Palmira, Fray Bentos, La Paloma, Punta del Este, among others); in Argentinian ports (Buenos Aires, La Plata), Falkland Islands port, and in Brazil (Rio Grande and Itajai).


In Electromarítima Uruguaya we strive to become more and more renowned at a national and international level for the quality of our products and for the level of our services, which are based on the following principles: conscientious work, effectiveness, and compliance with required terms.

Our vision is to be a leading company in the rendering of sale, installation, repair, and inspection services for naval, industrial, and communication equipment, catering for the whole range of needs of the market.

With the purposes of establishing a long-term and mutually beneficial commercial bond with the client:

We are committed to the continuous improvement of our quality management system.

We are oriented towards the coordination and inter-relation of the different. departments of the company (Administrative, Commercial, and Technical)

We have a highly experienced staff, fostering teamwork at all times as well as their personal development.

We invest in technology and we have the necessary infrastructure to raise the quality of our work.

We train our staff periodically to keep them updated with regard to the state-of-the-art technology.

We consider our providers to be collaborators so as to reach together the quality level we desire.

Our performance is based on our code of conduct to act, at all times, with the ethics and responsibility.

We are dedicated to complying with all applicable legal, regulatory, and other requirements.

We are devoted to having and fostering responsible behavior regarding the protection of the environment.

We are resolute in fulfilling all necessary safety measures to guarantee the physical integrity of our collaborators.

July 24, 2018.

Eng. Carlos A. Lualdi

Eng. Juan G. Silva

Victor Silva Rey


Our code of conduct is applicable, directly, to all the sections of the company: IT workshop, electronics, for the inspections, and for the administrative department.

With regard to the IT division, all client information handled by the staff of the department is used by keeping strict confidentiality. Our work is based on the trust the clients have in our behavior. This is endorsed by 26 years of experience in our market and the region, without any kind of adverse and negative results.

In connection with the inspections, all the information the staff has access to when performing such tasks is preserved and protected to the maximum extent possible, following as well the guidelines indicated by the Classification Associations.

In general terms, our staff is constantly striving to expand their theoretical knowledge, upholding their suitability, using also their great experience, to work with responsibility and protect the trust deposited by the client.

We have a responsible attitude towards the environment, disposing of the contaminating products in the places required by the competent Administration.

Values such as responsibility, honesty, comradeship, and pursuit of excellence, guide and determine our behavior.